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Savouring the Flavors: A Mediterranean Burger Adventure with McDonald’s


Welcome to the enthralling world of McDonald’s, where we embark on a mesmerizing journey to bring the concept of their Homestyle Rosti Ranch and Double Ranch Burgers to life. In this revised blog, we delve into the heart of a photoshoot where creative minds collide, and brilliant ideas flourish. As the photographer, my mission was to use strobe lighting in the studio to mimic the allure of outdoor sunlight, capturing every delectable detail of the burgers. Join us as we unveil the teamwork, passion, and artistry that made these mouthwatering delights a reality.

Setting the Stage:

As the photographer responsible for bringing the client’s concept to life, my studio turned into a creative hub where culinary art met photography. The agency envisioned a Mediterranean summer feel with the allure of outdoor sunlight, and my task was to capture that essence within the controlled environment of the studio.

The Artistry of Food Styling:

Guided by the client’s vision, the culinary genius, Dejan Šutanovac, poured his heart and soul into crafting each burger to perfection. From the very first steps of preparing the buns to the final garnishes, every element was meticulously placed to transform the burgers into edible works of art.

Bringing the Vision to Life:

Collaboration was the driving force that brought the Mediterranean summer feel to life. Alongside the brilliant designers, art directors, executives, and the food stylist, I worked closely with the team to create the perfect shots. Each element was carefully considered, from the angle of the burgers to the interplay of shadows and highlights, all aimed at capturing the essence of the client’s concept.

Perfecting the Burger Dance:

Before the Homestyle Rosti Ranch and Double Ranch Burgers took their place as stars of the shoot, a test burger played a crucial role in fine-tuning the studio lighting setup. Working in tandem with the team, we ensured that every shot showcased the burgers’ tantalizing allure and required minimal post-processing.

A Symphony of Collaboration:

At every stage of the project, teamwork and creativity harmoniously intertwined. The agency’s visionary concept, fostered by the brilliance of the designers, set the stage for a magical photoshoot. As the photographer, I worked hand in hand with the art directors, executives, and food stylist to breathe life into each frame, while the client’s presence ensured every detail aligned with their vision.

Capturing Culinary Artistry:

The camera lens became the gateway to capturing the culinary artistry of these delightful burgers. Every click immortalized the burgers’ intricate textures, tantalizing forms, and mouthwatering hues, mirroring the allure of sunlit Mediterranean days. Strobe lighting was the brush that painted a canvas of flavors and indulgence.

The Final Flourish:

Following the photoshoot, my involvement didn’t end there. With precision and care, I took on the task of enhancing each chosen photograph as required by the agency. Post-processing added the final touch, enhancing colors, textures, and appeal, while staying true to the essence of the burgers.


The McDonald’s Homestyle Rosti Ranch and Double Ranch Burger shoot was a dazzling journey of creativity, teamwork, and artistry. Through the use of strobe lighting in the studio, we transformed the concept into captivating reality, capturing the essence of the Mediterranean summer within each image. It was a testament to the power of collaboration, where brilliant minds from various fields came together to create a symphony of flavors and emotions. So, as you savor the sight of these images on billboards, bus shelters, TV ads, and in-store artworks, relish in the magic created by a passionate team, where every burger embodies the essence of a Mediterranean adventure.

Advertising Agency TBWA/ANG
Food Stylist – Dejan Sutanovac

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